Past Projects

  • Anna Coddington
    Anna Coddington is a singer song writer with passion and talent by the truck loads, and a voice that makes the birds stop and listen.
  • Fiesta in the Park
    The Playground were the event managers for this years Fiesta in the Park. A Biennial event that involves live music, art, fun and food to raise awareness around mental health and wellbeing.

    This years event was a huge success.
  • The Outsider Art Fair - 21 - 23 Nov 2014
    The inaugural Outsider Art Fair is happening in Auckland from the 21st till the 23rd of November this year. The Playground are on board as event managers working with Toi Ora Live Art Trust to make this event amazing.
  • Toi Ora Live Art Trust
    Toi Ora Trust, is an award winning art organisation, provides innovation and leadership in the field of creativity in mental health recovery and has been operating since 1995.
  • Love Boxes
    Love Boxes is a sculpture that is being designed and created for Splore Festival 2014. This is a sculpture by day and digital artwork by night. The Playground are partnering with Fantail Studios who will create the digital art that will be projected onto the sculpture at night.

    more info and pictures of the development of the project coming soon!!

    We'll have more info, and images to show you as the sculpture develops.
  • Philanthropic Strategy
    We have been working with businesses and people in integrating a philanthropic strategy into projects and businesses.
  • Anna Coddington Make you Mine Tour
    The Playground booked and managed Anna's tour that incorporated 11 dates across NZ
  • Sony Action Cam Promo Video
    In December 2013 the playground worked with Fuel Media Japan Line producing the Sony Action Cam video shoot for them.
  • Scooter Modern
    Furniture Design with a mid century Modern Twist. The Playground has been working with Scooter on their market validation and business development. The future is looking very bright!!
  • Spark Centre for Creative Development
    Spark Centre of Creative Development is a creative space offering innovative art programmes for people of all abilities, with particular care given to ensuring those with diverse needs are provided for.
  • Sola Rosa
    Playgrounds Role: Artist Manager for 2 and a half years.

    Sola Rosa is slowly but surely spreading from their South-Pacific roots, letting the world in on what Kiwi music-lovers have been blessed with for years. The Playground works with Sola Rosa on a variety of specific projects.
  • Kara Gordon
    Kara Gordon is one of the most amazing guitar players I've ever had the pleasure of listening too. He's a magician!!
    2012 sees the release of Kara Gordon and the Wreckage's first album. But before that even is released to the world they left the crowd wanting more at their support show for Slash at Vector Arena and will wrecking havoc in Germany and London this August and September.
  • The Playground worked with the big reTHiNK on building the funding and sponsorship for the project.

    The big reTHiNK was held at Q theatre from the 1st till the 6th of October 2012
  • Big VOICE Ltd
    Playgrounds Role - Business Planning consultation

    Big Voice is transmedia, multi-media, innovative, cross distributional, collaborative and just a little eccentric
  • Creative Collide at the Playground
    The Creative Collide at The Playground is a social network aimed at providing support, learning, professional development and opportunity for those working in the creative sector. So if you work in and with any creative then this is a place for you!
  • SeaStarr
    Playgrounds Role - Project Management

    SeaStarr Management Solutions offer advice and support for a range of organisations predominantly in the health and disability sectors.
  • Sylvie & Arabella
    Playgrounds role - development and consultation

    Sylvie & Arabella© explores big themes in the most sensitive and inspiring of ways. Through one of the most life-changing relationships a person can have, these two unlikely best friends venture through the challenges of childhood, growing up and belonging. Set in two worlds; we share their adventure and learn along the way with them.
  • Creative Momentum
    The Playground's Role - Project Manager

    Creative Momentum is a virtual movement aimed at creative diversity. Janette project managed this project and was involved in its creation in early 2009 and management until September 2009.
  • original heART
    original heART is an online art gallery focused on work for and by children.

    The Playground designed the website.
    Playgrounds Role - Project Manager

    Drift is a social movement focused on shifting perceptions on Mental Health, and is supported by an online platform and a range of projects. Its foundation is based on the knowledge that everyone has mental health just like we have physical health. Sometimes we have issues with it, and sometimes we need a little extra help staying in top notch form.

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