Scooter Modern

Scooter Modern

The Playground came on board with Scooter quite early in the piece helping them create their strategic plan, and working with them on a communications plan.  From there we have helped them implement that plan and working with them on market validation of their new product.

Through that market validation phase we've identified some brilliant opportunities for Scooter, including the opportunity for an interactive showroom at the Biz Dojo where their furniture can be experienced first hand.  We're currently working with them on developing opportunities internationally.

What we enjoy most about working with the Scoooter team is the ability to collaborate with them, and their flexibility and enthusiasm for seeing the unexpected open door and striding on through it.

Latest News for Scooter Modern - New Showroom

Scooter Modern have a new showroom and its got a lovely twist to it - a bit interactive, a bit collaborative, and definitely very cool.

Scooter are all about personality and being real and what better way to translate that vision of theirs than through a show room that is in full use.  You can see their furniture in action - experience it in every way!

They've set up their first showroom up at the Biz Dojo in K Road in Auckland, the heart of the creative centre of Auckland.  The reception area of the Biz Dojo is where its at - Scooter Modern Furniture mixed with a little vintage in a very contemproary real setting.



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