Love Boxes

Love Boxes

Diary of a Love Box 

We're well underway in creating our LOVE BOXES sculpture for Splore festival and there's less than a month to go. 

Here are few images of what we've been up to so far. 

We've picked our location ..... STUNNING!!

Our boxes are being created 


And the boys are putting the artwork into the system for mapping ..... but don't have any images of that bit just yet so here are a few of our fabulous kids pics for our first stage of love session. 


Splore has come and gone and here are some photos that show how it was. 

Kids pictures and words telling us what love is come alive. 

Chasing the abstract dots the represented romantic love.  Our dots had life spans and when chased into connecting with each other produced a new dot and so the dot population continued to grow and change.