The Importance of Passion

The Importance of Passion

by Janette Searle

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My work in the creative sector brings me in touch with a massive range of people.    I am sad to say there are more than just a few in my circle who spend their days doing what they do because they think they should.  They're not particularly enthused about their job, or in fact their life.  Some are doing what they do because they believe there is an expectation on them to do that role, earn that money, or play that part.  Sometimes there is, but most of the time that's just their perception and not the reality.


When I work with a client on their businesses Strategic and Business Plan I start with a very small but highly important question.  Why?  (That's the questions by the way).  Why are they doing what they are doing?  Why will or does their business exist.  They normally give me the obvious answer ... because we want to sell whatever it is we're selling.  And to that I ask Why?  And I keep asking that question until, often they've become irritated by the questions, but actually what we drill down to is their core purpose which his vital.


For an individual looking for their purpose its about looking at all the things you really love and really hate and asking why?  Really drilling down.  For example, you may really love playing cricket.  Why?  The obvious answer is because I like playing cricket, or because I like getting out of the house for a million hours it takes to play.  But drill down further and you may find its the strategy of the game, like a good game of chess, or war, its about a strategy that has short and long term goals, requires patience and intelligence (and good dollop of sledging).   So ones purpose may be to use and demonstrate the strategic intelligence, cunning and aptitude for witty banter you've been gifted with.  Now think about all the other things you could do using those skills and attributes and suddenly the doors open up.  


So for each of us finding our purpose opens up the realms of possibility about how to achieve that purpose.  And the activities and experiences we choose in fulfilling that purpose are most often the thing we are passionate about, and it is that passion that we find energy, that we find opening doors, that we find kindred spirits.


Sir Ken Robinson gives a great talk on Passion in his Sunday Sermon for the School of Life.  Watch it - its totally work the 50 minutes!  (and is highly entertaining!)


Ken Robinson on Passion from The School of Life on Vimeo.

Posted: Sunday 22 May 2011


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