Perception becomes your reality

I've this morning over my coffee been looking at Angel investments and  business advice.  Couple of reasons. I have a client that's looking for an angel investor, and I am on the brink of my own angel investment.  So its at the forefront of my mind and I want to see what everyone else is doing, what criteria they are looking at, and therefore what tips and advice are being given to entrepreneurs these days.  

On my search through the inter-web I discovered a great site called  Full of all sorts of entrepreneurial wisdoms - but it was Barbara Corcoran's presentations that captured my attention.

Barbabara Corcoran is a straight shooting woman who has created a business from virtually nothing and a throw away like from and ex-boyfriend.  She turned that into a business which she sold for $66 million US.  Not bad!  I thought, she probably knows a thing or two about a thing or two.  And I was right - she does.  While her presentations at the surface seem to point to 'bullshit baffles brain' kind of success, when you dig down not even that far and look at the principles she's talking about, there is gold. 

The first one I watched covers how Perception Creates Reality.  It's true, and Barbara's stories are way funnier than mine, so I strongly recommend watching the videos on the link below, but I will say that perception is huge in business and in life.  So be very conscious and aware about what you say, how you present yourself and the impressions you leave because they will become your reality.   At the other end of the perception continuum - if you want to be something then start being it right now.  

Watch Barabara's presentation and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Posted: Sunday 27 May 2012


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