The Benefits of Hopping off the Bus Every so Often

Stop the bus! The benefits of hopping off every so often.
by Janette Searle

21 August 2010




If you're into astrology you'll know that Mercury has just started anothe retrograde period, which means its a great time to reflect, go over details, make sure you dotted those i's, crossed those t's and look to your past for clarity and foundation. Given that I I thought it timely to write a little about the importance of stopping occassionally to reflect and ponder.


Its really easy to keep a firm eye on right now, especially when you're flat out busy. When you're not flat out busy its easy to get trapped into focusing on what's coming up next. However every so often there is great great value in pausing to ponder because it has the potential to solidfy your present, influence you're future, or simply make you smile.


So stop the bus, have a wee sit down and a cup of tea and think about these:


  • What things have you or your business done that you consider to be a success (big or small).
    This will help you define what success actually means to you. For some its a destination, for some its the journey and how they're travelling it. For some its around money, others its recognition, and others personal satisfaction. (There's no right answer, this is all about pondering and consideration)
    What elements of that 'thing' made it so successful. Maybe it was the team you had on it, maybe it was about timing, maybe it was freedom you had to really do what you love doing. In theory you want to repeat those things, or at least as many parts of them as possible.
  • What things have you simply loved doing? Those things that made you smile, pushed your buttons, put you in a space where you forgot about time because you were so engrossed. What was it about what you were donig that made it so brilliant?

When you ponder these things and identify what it is that pushes your buttons, and makes you or your business or your creative endeavours successful its easier to find them in the future.


And finally -

  • How have you celebrated your successes? If you haven't find a way of doing it because you deserve it.

The time is perfect for pondering. Mercury is in retrograde, the season is about to change, and quite frankly you deserve the sit down!1

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Posted: Saturday 21 August 2010


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