You don't have to be in the same room as your mates to make magic!

Posted by Janette Searle on The Creative Collide at the Playground 3 August 2010


Lately I have been embracing my inner geekness. I've become fascinated with technology. Most days I spend way too long on facebook, I skype at least four times a day, and get incredibly excited by the prospect of a virtual world made so real you could touch and smell it.

The thing that most excites me about technology is not so much how it works but what it can do. What amazing content can we create to fill it. How can we socialise, mix, mingle and play together even though we're not in the same room. This I've recently discovered is my new passion.

Last month I began working with an old and great friend of mine on a project that will see the launch of his difficult second album, and the raising in awareness of Men's Mental Health, through the active involvement and participation of fans from around the world. I'll be blogging about that over the next few months so fear not - you too can be one of those in that are invited to have fun that playground!!

However we are not the only ones who have embraced technology to reach out to their mates, fans and general joe blow to make magic!

This video by Sour is one of my favourites!! Great concept and really well done!!


And this video goes a step further - this time the performance and the song are done by participants - awesome!!!





Its rapidly getting to a stage where if you can imagine it it can happen! I'd be fascinated to know of anything else going on that is actively using technology to reach out to and allow the global community that we have become to participate in the creation of magic.



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Posted: Tuesday 3 August 2010


And because we like to play and muck around - check these out - just a bit of fun!