The genius behind mixing creative and charity

The genius behind using Charities and Causes.

by Janette Searle posted 23 Jule 2010

Using your creative talents on a charitable project has a range of benefits for the creative professional beyond the feel good factor. It offers you a low risk way to test something out, and a brilliant way to build your profile. So its definitely something to consider if you are starting out, or looking to trial a new product or services or model.


I worked some time ago with a woman who was setting up a new arm for her advertising related company. What they wanted to set up was innovative and would require massive education of the market - both advertising agencies and clients. So she teamed up with a charity, got on board those creative sector companies she eventually wanted to be working with anyway for this new arm of the business and ran a competition. The competition required general Joe Blow (so the market her clients would be pitching to) to come up with an advertising concept that was not mainstream in anyway, so only used non-mainstream media. This was perfect because it meant she would have a concept that fitted exactly the type of product she wanted her new arm of the business to create, and the charity had a brilliant awareness campaign for their cause. The winner of the competition had their concept created by some of the best creative companies in the sector. Another genius move, the concept creation would require the input of a range of companies (so spreading the financial risk for all those companies, that financial risk that you have when donating your time and effort). It also meant she got an 'in' with those companies she wanted to work for or have work for her and started the relationship from a fabulous feel good footing. The final stroke of genious, was that she got to test out her new business arm for virtually no financial outlay from her, apart from her time and effort.


The outcome for her, a product and model of working that she could show clients that would pay, the feel good great PR you get from working on a charitable cause, the strong foundation of relationships and networks within the sector with exactly the people she wanted to be working with, and connections to some pretty great new creative concept blood (those that entered the competition), all for the cost of about half a salary.

I found this today.

Brilliant idea that looks to use art to raise awareness and funds for a cause. This is a combination close to my heart - the use of creativity and commerce to raise awareness and funds for causes and charities. Potentially a great way to get some good publicity if you are a great and up incoming photographer. This site is looking for photographers to be part of their project - so if you're a photographer (professional or amateur) and want to contribute to making a difference have a look.


If you're a musician, designer or visual artist looking to make a difference, whilst grabbing some much needed PR and exposure then check out - a project aimed at raising awareness and funds for men's mental health. The project is currently looking for submissions for their branding and logo competition, calling out for musicians to be involved in the creation of the project, and will be launching an art competition for the album cover art.

Am sure there are a raft of great projects exactly like these ones that you can get involved in and make it work for you beyond the obvious and very relevant feel good factor. If you've got any you'd like to share let us know in the comments boxes. Share the love!


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Posted: Saturday 7 August 2010


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