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I've been looking recently at freelancer sites - there are quite a few around.  Here's the latest from my searches




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and so much more!!!




You have to sign up to get into this site properly - but could be worth it - and I've heard from a company that has used it before - so if you're thinking of listing as a professional or looking for skills and expertise and want to talk to someone who has used it before flick us an email

Design Jobs -

Multi-media Job -




Go Freelance


Big list of jobs that you pitch for or put a price in for. I've done a little with this and can say that the communication I've had with the client was great using their system and so far it looks like it works well.


Free to join and just see.


In saying that a lot of the jobs are low paid or the bids for them are quite low so you have to search a bit.


With any of these online freelance sites the general thought is that you start small and grow from there - so if you'are hiring starting off with a small job that you have the time to work on should the freelancer you find not come through for you. Then build up a team of those freelancers that work well and are responsible and good at what they do.


If you're looking for work through these sites - again try it in small steps with a job that is small, has time and build relationships with those employers that are responsible, honest and actually pay!


Which ever way you are going - as an employer or as a freelancer - check out their feedback and be really clear in your expectations and requirements for the job.


Good luck!!

Posted: Thursday 29 July 2010


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