Collective Impact Initiative

Collective Impact Initiative

The Achieving At Waitakere Collective Impact Initiative aims to ensure that all young people in West Auckland succeed in education (relative to them.)  Research and evidence both nationally and internationally suggest that success in education leads to better outcomes in health and wellbeing, employment, relationships, and community.   

The initiative formally launched in 2016, but is established on a foundation of positive and successful work that has been happening in the community for many years.  The approach taken in the development of the initiative has been one of openness.  Openness to models of practice, evidence based practice and innovation being contributed from a range of people and organisations from within the community.  Openness to adapting and changing practice based on continuous feedback and evaluation, and an openness to sharing the learning and information gathered among the community and with others that are interested.  

The Playground have been involved in the development of the initiative.  Janette is the co-founder of the initiative, and the current Development Manager under A @ W.  She is responsible for bringing people, funds and resource together, developing the structure of the initiative, facilitating the development of the collaborative bodies of work under the initiative, and overseeing the evaluation of the inititiatve and its work.   Under the Playground elements of the evaluation (tools and processes), and administrative support for the Managed Moves and YESS programmes have been provided.  

Currently she is also working on an research/evaluation piece with Impact Consulting Group looking at Collective Practice and how to create an effective ecosystem for collective practice to thrive.  

To find out more about the initiative visit the A@W website.