Pitch the light fantastic!!

Writer Bridget Ellis-Pegler’s concept for a children’s television series titled ‘Sylvie & Arabella’ won her team a place in 2 major industry events in New Zealand recently, (SPADA’s ‘The Big Pitch’, and the pitching section of the Asia Pacific Producers’ Network Symposium). The project then scored a hat trick, when it was also accepted into the illustrious Asian Television Award's Superpitch programme, in Singapore. Bridget and her key development team (Ronel Schodt, Producer, and Janette Searle (of the Playground), Business Development Manager and All Media Creative Producer), travelled to Singapore in early December. There, they took part in the highly competitive Superpitch section of these awards, where the team gained second place with its pitch and the project attracted significant interest. The team is now working on the next stage of development. Meanwhile, Producer Ronel is firing on all cylinders (so to speak!) - she also had her documentary Jetblack (about New Zealand’s race to beat the world landspeed record) accepted for both SPADA’s big Pitch, and for Superpitch, where she came second in the pitching competition for doco!

Posted: Wed 14 Dec 2011