2011 Shipment is on its way

We spent the last couple of weeks collating the donations given by the various organisations around New Zealand, doing a stock take, labelling and packing everything up yesterday.  It was a proud moment when the truck arrived to pick up the boxes and start them on their long journey to the Hope Rehabilitation Society in Lahore Pakistan. 

We're especially like to thank those donors including:

Bruce Painter of the Waikato Artificial Limb Centre
Christchurch Artificial Lim Centre
Alarna Tuck, Orthotist with the Hawkes Bay DHB 
Orthotics Centre Auckland
David Gurr, Rotorua DHB
Ashley DuToit, Orthotist, Auckland

And PBT - Peter Baker Transport for transporting the donations from the donor's offices to us here and then yesterday off to Mondiale, the shipping agent who will be shipping the donations to Pakistan. 

We'll keep you posted on their progress. 

Posted: Tue 13 Dec 2011