Funding and Support

To make something happen you need a few things:- Passion, committment and support.  

Support comes in many forms - financial, sponsorship,  volunteers, advice, knowedge, skill and expertise. 

The Playground are excellent at helping find the right support for any project, event or programme.  We have a wide and variend network of people, organisations, companies, funders and financers.  And if we don't know them directly it won't take us long to find out who they are and get to know them. 

Some examples of the kinds of support we've found for past clients and projects: 

- funding for projects, events and programmes from government, corporate, philanthropic givers, and sponsors. 

- Contra and In Kind support - for projects, events, and programmes 

- Partners and Collaborators for projects that have enabled the project to reach the next level. 

- Creative Brokering :- Finding the right creative for the project - designers for posters, billboards and advertising campaigns, crew for live music events, film and tv, writers for articles, guides and manuals, governance experts for board training, audio engineers for live and studio recoridng, staging and lighting whizzes for live music events, furniture designers for bespoke pieces, visual artists for sculpture and visual art commissions, dancers for workshops and events, set and prop makers for film and tv projects and live events ........ the list of connections between creative and project/client is endless.