Project Management


One of the Playgrounds core competencies is the ability to work on complex projects that involve many different creative elements that all need to come together at exactly the right time. 

Because we run a virtual office we offer flexible working arrangements.  We can work on site with the client, or from our own office.  We work to the requirements of the project and charge only for the time spent working.  This has proved to be a great advantage for projects that work with in tight financial boundaries.    

We can also provide the service as a supplier, contractor or where appropriate can work as employees.

We use well established project management tools that cover planning, timelines, cost management and project reporting.  Screen Based Projects, Events, Interactive, Online/Virtual.


We can assisst with

- Project Scoping and Research

- Project Strategy and Planning

- Marketing and Communications

- Project Management, and implementation

- Evaluation and Reporting.


The Playground can help research and scope projects and make recommendations on planning.  We can also assist with funding and sponsorship applications and proposals.