Solarized (Refreshed) OUT NOW

Solarized (Refreshed) Release

Twelve years on and Solarized is still sounding fresh. This being backed up by multiple pressings and ongoing sales.


With continued interest in the album Sola Rosa decided to put it in the hands of the fans through the ‘Don’t Leave Home’ remix competition earlier this year. 

The response was overwhelming and the results eclectic and impressive, making the job of picking the winners almost impossible.   


After much deliberation the top four were chosen and featured on ‘Solarized (Refreshed)’.



Mr Boinkin joins Brett Orr to create the ‘Don’t Leave Home (Benson and Hedges Mix)’, a slick little late night re-rub of an old 'classic'.  Another one from across the ditch, Cooking With Caustic bring the funk with their live band, horn heavy version excursion setting the kitchen on fire in the process.  England’s Quest welcomes the sunrise with his slow-mo remix. This one is strictly for late nights, laden with smokey horns and bedtime beats. On the deep house tip, the UK's Res brings a refreshing slant on the original with his sonorous four on the floor remix whilst keeping things seductive and staying true to the 2001 version. 


Free Download of Don’t Leave Home (Benson and Hedges Mix) here.






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Posted: Tue 28 May 2013