The big reTHiNK

The Big reTHiNK is the brain child of Mind & Body who have run the reTHiNK grant scheme many years.  Their aim is to educate the public and media with a view of reducing the stigma and discrimination linked with mental unwellness

The Big reTHiNK is a not for private profit project, meaning that any profits made by the project will be fed back into creating the project again in the future and in achieving the aims of education and awareness.


The Big reTHiNK at Q Theatre  (1st – 6th October) is being promoted as a “Mind-altering event” and will launch Mental Health Awareness week across the world this year by putting on a professional production showcasing  multi-genres including multimedia, theatre and will feature a live session band.

 reTHiNK uses the creative platform of live performance as a vehicle to get audiences and mainstream media to think about mental health issues, challenges and experiences differently.  This gala spectacular features a selection of music, dance, art, film, theatre and comedy from entries submitted from across the world