New Friend in the Playground!!!

Kelsey is an AUT graduate with a Bachelor of Communications Studies, majoring in creative industries and minoring in journalism, under her belt.  She has a passion for the creative industries and matches that passion with insane organisational abilities. 

She's worked as Arts and Cultural Assistant doing everything from writing for their newsletter to doing all the posters, programmes and tickets for productions, and has worked on camera for Sticky TV, dabbled in a bit of promotional work for BurgerFuel when they launched on the share market, as well as a variety of other roles including front of house.

Kelsey's also got a social conscience which we love!  She says she "loved working on the yMedia Challenge for the experience of managing a client and the not-for-profit nature of work." 

Did we mention she's also ridiculous fit and completely gorgeous!  Expressing her creative streak through rhythm and movement as a Zumba Instructor.  Does she ever sleep!!  Not time for that now - she's in The Playground!!

"I am excited about the opportunity to begin working at The Playground and look forward to managing many creative projects in the near future."

Kelsey joined the team this February and we're delighted to have her on board.  She will be working across the board on the full range of clients we have helping with the logisitcs and administration.  But watch this space, we have great plans for her!!!


Posted: Thu 17 Feb 2011