Social networking is a bit like waving from across the road.

Social networking is a bit like waving from across the road.

was discussing with a great friend of mine and now fabulous colleague about social networking and why we use it. We'd been working with a client on a communications strategy and of course they were particularly interested in how they could use social networking.


Our discussion focused around two things. The first was why do we even use social networking? What's the point? How many of you read the tweets of everyone you're following. How can you possibly follow what everyone is up to when you're following 50,000 twits tweeting. What are you really trying to do with things like twitter? The answer - using social networking is a bit like waving out to someone from across the road to get their attention. You want to them to cross the street and come talk to you. Take that to the virtual world, you want them to click on that link and go to you website, so that from there they can give you a call or even better come and see you.


The second part of our conversation was around the need for a consistency across all your communication whether it be email, website, chatting with a potential client or tweeting your little twittery heart out. You need to be consistent. If brand and image are important to you, and they should be, then make sure you're consistently communicating with the world in a way that talks your brand and image. I have so often found people to are incredibly professional and polished on their website, are a little cold in their emails, will tweet how often they feed their cat, and then if they see you on the street treat you like their long lost cousin. Really? Who are you?


When I got back to the safety of my laptop this afternoon I found this - good old Seth Godin talking about exactly what we were talking out. Have a watch for yourself.


Posted: Tuesday 27 July 2010


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