9 Mad Writers, 1 Crazy Story and No idea of where its going to take you

A team of New Zealand children’s writers have a crazy idea for a story and they want children to help them write it.


On the 21st of July–a wacky Wednesday–the story opens with the first chapter of a junior fiction novel being posted on the Fabo story website.


Then the fun begins. New Zealand children are being invited to write the next chapter, at the same time as one of the Fabo story writers, and send it to the Fabo Team. The winning kid’s chapter will be posted side by side with the Fabo Team’s version.

Each week New Zealand kids can write the next chapter, while the Fabo story team tries to out-write them and take control of what will be a wild and crazy plot.

Kyle Mewburn, Fabo story team leader, said ‘On week 1–Writer A writes chapter 1. In week 2–Writer B writes chapter 2 and completely messes up Writer A’s original idea (while cackling gleefully and rubbing evil little hands together). In week 3–Writer C takes the story off into a completely different direction altogether (while cackling gleefully etc).


There will be competitions, prizes and ideas stolen.


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Posted: Thu 22 Jul 2010