Recording Dates Set for Drift Sessions, and a fantastic producer is secured!

We have a date set to record the album. The Drift Sessions will be recorded between the dates of October 17th and 31st, upstairs at Drift Cafe on Waikanae Beach. Very exciting, and with a 'to do' list that is several pages deep, very daunting as well.

Whilst we're trying hard to get my long time producer/collaborator Asa Bennett to be here for the recordings, American producer and engineer Danny Kadar has pledged his vast talents from afar. Danny has recorded, mixed, and produced some of the coolest bands around, and whilst it would be great to have him here in the flesh as it were, the next best thing is for him to put his ideas together over there, and use the wonders of modern technology to make them a reality here. He'll be writing a blog soon to let you know more, and to reveal the reasons why production is such an important part of the recording process.

Finally, our membership is into the 80's. I want to crack the hundred, then we shall take over the world!

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Posted: Fri 21 May 2010